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Staff Masorti Germany

Rabbi Gesa S. Ederberg

- Rabbinical studies   at the Schechter   Institute for Jewish   Studies in Jerusalem
- 2002 Smicha   (ordination)
- 2002 foundation of   Masorti Germany in   Berlin
- Director of Masorti   Germany until 2008

- President of the international advisory board of   Masorti Germany
- Rabbi of the Berlin Jewish Community, responsible
  for: the Oranienburger Strasse Synagogue
- Vice President-Treasurer of the European Region of
  the International Rabbinical Assembly
- Founding member of the general Rabbinical
  Assembly of the Central Council of Jews in Germany
- Member of the Executive Council of the International
  Rabbinical Assembly of Conservative/Masorti Rabbis
- Director of congregational proficiency at the
  Zacharias Frankel College
- Kashrut supervision in the Masorti Kindergartens
  and the Masorti primary school

Cornelia Rieger - graduate in cultural studies

Director of Masorti Germany
Studies: Cultural and Euro-
pean Studies in Frankfurt (Oder) and Stockton-on-Tees. Graduation 2004.
Fields of expertise:
- development and
  implementation of projects
- event management
- public relations and
- development of projects and
  applications in (inter)national
  funding programmes

- coordination of various voluntary programmes
- responsible for Masorti Germany as the head   organisation of the Masorti Kindergartens and the
  Masorti primary school

Director of the Masorti Kindergartens

Rachel Herweg PhD

Director of the Masorti Kindergartens.
She holds an MA in Jewish Studies and a MA and PhD in Education. She has years of experience in Early Childhood Education, Jewish Education, Family therapy and team supervision and coaching.
She also is an experienced lecturer in education and Jewish studies at various universities and colleges.

As a therapist, she specialises in individual work and support of children and their families, in team development and group work.